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What we do

We accept donations from companies and individuals of devices that are in good working condition and we distribute these to schools, community groups and individuals who need them.

  • It is important to note that we do not refurbish devices so we can only accept devices that are no older than 2010 and in good working condition - meaning that they turn on and off and perform all basic functions. Keyboard and tracking pad must work and the device should have a charger.

  • Devices we accept include: laptops, tablets and smart phones

  • Corporate machines are purged of all data to a NIST standard

  • Individuals donating devices must ensure that all their data is deleted

  • If you have an older device that you are keen to donate to be refurbished there are some great places out there that do this, for example Mer-IT or Tech Inclusion UK .

Why we do it

COVID-19 has exacerbated existing inequalities in communities and created increased hardship for many.


With most resources moving online, financial institutions moving from highstreet to digital and schools closing due to virus outbreaks, 'digital poverty' is leading to families being isolated.


During the first lockdown in the UK, it became quickly apparent that access to the internet on a laptop or phone would be critical to homeschooling children when schools close. It also became apparent that without access to the internet or personal devices, families are limited to the ways in which they can access resources such as food banks, financial support or help into work.


In the absence of government will to support those most marginalised in society, communities have been sustaining each other. We believe that if every organisation in the UK with surplus or unused electronic devices passed them on, that every family in the UK would be able to have access to a laptop. If you think your company could get  involved - please get in touch.

Our Mission

We want to ensure that socially conscious tech companies can distribute their unused devices to communities and families with no access to devices.


Our Vision

No person will go without access to learning from home or be without crucial resources that can often only be accessed online.

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