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Frequently asked questions

  • I have a device. How do I make sure it's ready to donate?
    All donations are going to their new homes across the country. As a minimum, the laptop should be in good working order. Please check the below: - Turns on & functions normally - The keyboard is in full working order - It comes with a charger - The body is free of significant dents & scratches - Is less than 10 years old - All data is deleted (please see the next question on this page for information on how to wipe) Phones, tablets and game consoles should be working fine, able to switch on and off, run programmes and apps, and should come with their power cables/chargers. If your device does not fit into the above, it can still be donated. Please contact our partners are Mer-IT If you are really struggling to make the call, feel free to contact us
  • How do I erase all of my data?
    This is the most common question and don't worry, it's not as hard as it sounds! It is good to know the below as you'll always want to delete your data before selling or donating any device. For a Windows laptop or PC, you have three options: 1. Reset your laptop/PC This erases all of your files and resets the device to a blank slate. It does not delete any hidden files but is appropriate for most folks personal devices 2. Securely reinstall Windows 10 This deletes data from all partitions, formats the device and re-installs a fresh version of the operating system. This is a more involved approach and preferred by large organisations, but manageable (as long as you have an 8GB USB to hand!) 3. Erase your hard drive using a bootable disk, then reinstall an Operating System A free tool such as DBAN or DiskWipe will wipe all data and overwrite each sector of the disk with gibberish so everything is unreadable. This option is slightly more involved as it requires burning DBAN onto a USB/CD first before booting your laptop. Easy to follow steps here, make sure you have two USB's handy, one for DBAN and one for your OS. For a Mac laptop - This page from Apple explains what to do before you sell, give away or trade in your Mac
  • Do you accept financial donations?
    Not at the moment. We completed a fundraiser at the start of the year and raised a huge amount. Every penny will be used to bring families and people out of digital isolation. We do not have plans to accept any further financial donations due to the small nature of our volunteer led organisation.
  • Will my donation reach someone who needs it?
    Our main strength is our connections to schools, families and people who need support the most. From our work on the ground with schools and community groups, we have and continue to assess where there is a significant level of need. Our organisation is also a registered C.I.C (Community Interest Company) which means all donations are legally required to go back into the community, for this very cause. Registered number: 13053216

We Need Your Support!

We will be back soon!

We are taking a short break and will be back later this year.

If you need support or have a laptop to donate, click here to visit the BBC website and find somewhere local to you

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