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Donation to Mile End Community Project in east London

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

We were really happy to be able to support the brilliant Mile End Community Project (MCP) in east London with a donation of four laptops - two 15" Macbooks and two Lenovo Thinkpads.

MCP have been doing incredible grassroots work in Tower Hamlets for over twenty years, delivering a range of educational programmes for young people in the area, focusing on creativity through film production, art and media projects. They prioritise providing opportunities for Tower Hamlets residents who might not otherwise engage due to barriers such as racism and economic challenges. One of the devices will be used by MCP for their programmes, and three of them have been donated to local families in need.

These devices were again kindly donated by Expedia Group who have been brilliant in not only donating devices in great condition, but also preparing them. Both Wayne Ophelia and Salman Erisir have been crucial with their support, factory resetting and wiping devices and supplying us with chargers for them.

One of the families who received a Lenovo Thinkpad said:

This will be a lifetime investment for our entire household as I myself will be going back to university to finally being able to accomplish of reaching my personal goal of becoming a qualified midwife within the next 3 years coming. Me and my small family are forever grateful to have being given this golden opportunity to even better ourselves now by aiming for brighter futures through hard work and using this laptop as a means to make use of facilities that was inaccessible before receiving this laptop. Please continue to support and provide to organisation like Community Laptops as the impact it is having to families like myself is greater then the actually gift of just the laptop piece. Once again thank you and please continue this wonderful opportunity of enlightening and assisting families like myself in bettering themselves and helping achieve goals and dreams that would’ve otherwise been harder to achieve. Kind regards, A very humbled, happy mama.

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