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Expedia Group pair up with Tiverton Primary School

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Tiverton Primary School in Tottenham started a fundraiser in October to provide laptops to families with no access to laptops or computers at home. At that stage 185 children at Tiverton P.S. did not have access to laptops - but the government only offered them 7.

Expedia Group were able to donate 12 refurbished laptops, helping 12 local families stay connected.

Tech operations support, a team within Expedia that looks after all hardware infrastructure across the company, stepped up to quite a different challenge this week. The year has been tough and the EG community had already noted that they could be doing more with laptops that were no longer required by the organisation. Wayne Ophelia (Mgr, Tech Operations Support) and Salman Erisir (IT Technical Support Tech) helped wipe the laptops, ready for the handover and had them delivered within a week.

Since lockdown, we have been committed to providing our recycled stock to Schools, Uni's and local council's we are now also committed to providing laptops when we can to the Junior journeys program - Wayne Ophelia

The headteacher of Tiverton Primary School, Resham Mirza, was elated to receive the donated laptops which she says will make an unbelievable difference to families, many of whom are in precarious financial and housing situations.

For more on the fundraiser, see local MP David Lammy's post here and information on the fundraiser in this Instagram post that speaks so well to the needs of the school, in the absence of support from the Government.

A huge thank you to Expedia Group, and Tiverton Primary School for all they do for their communities!

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If you need support or have a laptop to donate, click here to visit the BBC website and find somewhere local to you

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