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Partner Spotlight: From supporting Women in Tech to the Community - Michaela Jeffery-Morrison

Michaela Jeffery-Morrison is the CEO and Founder of the Women in Technology World Series, a key event in the calendar of most women in the industry. It offers a place for folks to discuss technical innovation and ways to overcome the barriers that women face when stepping into STEM careers.

It is often a highlight in my year but this year was even more memorable.

Michaela and I were preparing for the event together, when I mentioned the Community Laptops initiative. Her support was immediate and her passion for addressing inequalities made for an empowering conversation. Within days, Michaela had worked with her team to create a Community Laptops forum at their global event and raise folks awareness to digital poverty. This forum, as well as a push notification to attendees, allowed us to connect with hundreds of attendees keen to understand how they can support overlooked communities living in digital isolation.

Michaela reminded me that with a kind heart, clear vision and strong platform, important action can happen quickly and meaningfully.

It has been great working with someone as passionate as we are, about providing families with educational, social and economic mobility. We look forward to partnering more in the future!

Here's our interview with the wonderful Michaela.


Please tell us a little about yourself.

Why do I find this to be the most difficult question to answer? (haha)

I’m an events professional by experience but I am also a business owner, a CEO, a dog owner and now only very recently a mum! There’s been quite a lot of change in the last year owing to the pandemic but originally I am from South West London, born and bred and have directed numerous conferences in Europe and The USA for the women in tech community.

As a professional I aim to make an impact on the gender gap, influence culture change within industries, and facilitate and empower individuals to fulfil their potential.

Personally, I am committed to my own personal development as a leader and strongly believe in supporting others.

What are your thoughts on the Community Laptops initiative?

I think it is truly awesome! I was trying to reach out to schools myself on behalf of my company (Ascend Global Media) so it felt like the stars were aligning when I received the call from Mindy to share this initiative. To make real change and make the right steps towards true equality we need to find new way ways of connecting and supporting one another and this is an initiative that I think will massively contribute to society in a positive way.

Why is the initiative and fighting digital poverty important to you?

Why not is my question back! 2020 has shown that we live in an unfair system and that we (are) can be divided by class, income, education, ethnicity, race, gender… Inequality is our problem to address, and by ‘our’ I mean all of us, especially those who consider themselves privileged. I’d like to use my privilege to ensure that I address and explore inequality so that I can contribute towards a stronger and kinder world. It might sound a bit cliché but I can’t think of any other way to put it, children are our future and we must protect and nourish them.

What message would you like to share with companies looking to make the most of their unused devices?

Get involved!

Any final thoughts?

Just that I am so pleased Mindy reached out to me. Thank you for having me part of this.

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